Learn to build instrumentation for cold environments

CryoSkills 2024 - Thank you!

That’s a wrap on the inaugural CryoSkills course, thanks to all the participants, organisers, administration, logistics and accommodation staff that made it possible.

We had a fantastic time in Norway - watch this space for a follow-up blog and release of the course materials if you want to try the materials out yourself!

The attendees and instructors of the CryoSkills course, 2024 stand as a group in front of a snowy background.

Future course dates

We're afraid there won't be a CryoSkills course running in 2025, however keep an eye on your email inboxes and our social media channels for news regarding future courses.

How to run your own course

Interested in running your own version of the CryoSkills course? A key consideration in developing the course was to make the material available so that it can be run independently. If you are interested, please get in touch with us by email!

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